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Cleaning the Slate: CSS Reset or CSS Normalize?

Adrian Miasik


What is CSS reset?

A CSS reset is a custom CSS file that:

  • What is CSS normalize?

    A CSS normalize is a custom CSS file that:

  • What is the difference?

    The difference between CSS reset and CSS normalize, is that CSS reset aims to remove the default styling's where CSS normalize aims to keep the default styling's. Both of these solutions intend to minimize visual inconsistencies between browsers. In fact, here's quite an informative video on the topic:

    If you were curious, I'm currently using CSS reset for this site.

    First I created a new file inside my root directory called 'reset.css'.

    Then I added a variation of Eric Meyer's CSS reset file as the body text.
    (You can find the original here.)

    I then went into my index.html file, and added the following code into the bottom of my HTML head:
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="reset.css"/>

    And that's it! That all it takes to add custom CSS to index.html

    Thanks for reading! :)